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A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army.
-Orson Welles

There's more to know about making a movie than reading about how to write a script or be a brilliant Director.  If you want to truly do this for a living, then you have to learn how to build a viable, sustainable, paying career too.  

The more you know about how movies are actually made, the better chance you'll have to create a career making movies.

Most resources out there only tell you how to make a movie.  Every other book out there merely define the jobs or feeds your dreams by pretending to tell you how to make a movie step-by-step.  Written by an actual on-set professional with real information from dozens of other actual working professionals,  What I Really Want to Do TM: On Set in Hollywood (what you really need to know before getting a real job!) tells you how movies are made and what having a real career on set is really like.

It's not about how to make a's about how movies are made. 

What I Really Want to Do TM: On Set in Hollywood (what you really need to know before getting a real job!) is the first book to ever offer realistic insight into the distinct roles of the many people who make films happen.  A typical set has approximately 100 people working every day.  What are they all doing?  Can anybody get one of those jobs?  Do they really like what they’re doing?  Will I like doing it?  Providing engaging answers to these questions and more,  Brian Dzyak’s What I Really Want to Do TM untangles the various departments, the jobs within the departments, and how they all interact with one another on a shot-by-shot basis.  By reading about a typical day-in-the-life of each crew position, you are offered a candid understanding of the industry… and what your own life will be like when you work in it.

It's like having an internship without ever having to leave home!

While you're here, take a moment to click on What I Really Want to Do is get this book! or on the link above to add your name to the contact list so you'll know exactly where to find it.  If you're currently looking for a filmschool, I've provided a worldwide comprehensive list of programs for you to consider.  And if you are ready to move from the film theory you learned in school to a real career in the industry, don't miss the Union Links and other Resources pages.  If you have any questions that you need answered right now about where to go or what to do, don't hesitate to drop me an email.  I've also provided a couple of sample chapters for you to check out so you'll know how unique this book is compared to other "Hollywood 101"-type books you'll find on shelves right now.  To get an overview of the film industry and to learn what it's like being a DGA Trainee, click on the links above.  There's a lot to know before jumping into the movie business and What I Really Want to DoTM will be here to help every step of the way!


What I Really Want to Do TM: On Set in Hollywood is now available WORLDWIDE!  Click here to order yours today!


UPDATED! June 29, 2010

Now you can read What I Really Want to Do TM: On Set in Hollywood. on your KINDLE from Amazon!


UPDATED!  January 15, 2010

Work has begun on volume two which is entitled, What I Really Want to Do TM: OFF Set in Hollywood.   Check back for periodic updates.  And in the meantime, you can check up on current industry news and interact with industry professionals at 


March 13, 2009

We've added an industry forum where you can interact with industry professionals and other aspiring filmmakers.  You'll find the most comprehensive filmschool list available anywhere as well as countless additional resources that will help you build the career you're dreaming about.  Sign up for free today at 



February 4, 2009

Look for Brian Dzyak's up-to-date answers to questions asked by aspiring filmmakers like you at 





June 8, 2008

Tune into "Open Mic" on FM104 Dublin's Hit Music Station Sunday June 8th at 3:45 pm PST (11:45 pm in Ireland) as Ruairi Carroll speaks with Author Brian Dzyak about life in the movie industry.

Click HERE to listen to their discussion.

June 1, 2008

The list of worldwide outlets where you can find your own copy of the book has been updated.  Click HERE!


May 27, 2008

Log onto at 1:15 pm EST (10:15 am PST) as Lisa Dillon of Lisa's Entertainment World Daily in Cleveland speaks with Author Brian Dzyak about life in the movie industry.

Click HERE to listen to their discussion.


May 27, 2008




May 22, 2008

Author Brian Dzyak will be on the air with Peter Anthony Holder tonight discussing what having a real career in "Hollywood" is really like.  Tune in to CJAD 800AM or CFRB 1010 Newstalk, both heard in Montreal and Toronto, at 2:05am EST/11:05pm PST.

Click HERE to listen to their discussion.


May 16, 2008  

Over 900 professors and instructors from 700+ film programs worldwide have been contacted and given access to the special advanced edition to evaluate how to use What I Really Want to Do in their curriculum.  Interest is flooding in!  The official shelf-release date is arriving soon.  Check back here for updates!


May 6, 2008  

So you've made your own movie and are ready to start a real career?  I've just added a new FILM FESTIVAL page which lists over 200 festivals worldwide!  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a multitude of web outlets so you can screen your movie on the internet.  Making movies IS fun.  And build a real and profitable career doing it is even better.  


April 28, 2008  

Are you a filmschool professor or workshop instructor?  To view an advance evaluation copy in Adobe Reader, click HERE.  (Note that this is a preliminary mockup version only.  Final formatting and design is subject to change at the discretion of Watson-Guptill Publications.)  Send an email to with your credentials to receive the viewing password.

To obtain a desk copy for evaluation, please write to Watson-Guptill Publications on school letterhead and include the following information:

1. book title; 2. ISBN; 3. course name; 4. course enrollment

From the U.S. please fax your request to 646-654-5487 or write to:
Watson-Guptill Publications
Attn: Desk Copy Requests
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

From Canada , please fax your request to 905-873-1740 or write to:
Georgetown Publications Inc.
34 Armstrong Ave
Georgetown, ON L7G 4R9

Books will be shipped to you in care of your institution (Watson-Guptill does not ship to home addresses).

All requests are subject to approval and availability. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.


March 4, 2008  Since the filmschools update in December, literally thousands of aspiring filmmakers from every corner of the globe have visited this site looking for the next step toward building their careers.  With my goal of helping you in every way possible, new listings have been added to the Additional Resources page and I will be including a comprehensive guide to film festivals soon.  If there's specific information that you want to see or have resources that I've missed, please don't hesitate to contact me.

With the text now completed and final work on the interior design and cover art being taken over by the designers and editors at Watson-Guptill, I am beginning work on the second book in the What I Really Want to Do series:  Off Set in Hollywood.  

One more piece of good news:  What I Really Want to Do TM: On Set in Hollywood is now available for order at!  Click here to reserve yours today!


December 20, 2007.....The list of filmschools has been  updated with 146 schools in 40 US states and 555 schools in 65 other countries around the world!  

October 30, 2007.....The manuscript is being finalized and delivered to the designers at Watson-Guptill this week!  Look for What I Really Want to Do TM: On Set in Hollywood in bookstores June 2008.  In the meantime, be sure to visit the updated Additional Resources page and remember to fill out your contact information so that I can let you know when and where to find the premiere edition in the What I Really Want to Do series.

November 18, 2006.....I'm excited to announce that Watson-Guptill Publications/Back Stage Books will be including What I Really Want to Do TM: On Set in Hollywood into their catalogue.   A release date of June 2008 has been set.

October 28, 2006.....An excerpt from the chapter, What I Really Want to Do is EPK! has been published in the November issue of ICG Magazine (International Cinematographer's Guild).  Ask for it at your local newsstand or click HERE for more information.







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